Curriculum Enhancement Internship - Applying Mathematics to things that matter to you



Liverpool John Moores University


3 Months

7 hours per week for the duration of the internship

Not Applicable





Ringfenced to LJMU Mathematics and Mathematics with Finance students. 

Are you a mathematics or a mathematics with finance student? 
Would you like to learn in your studies how mathematics can be applied to things that matter to you including: 
- to how climate change affects different countries? 
- to discrimination of minorities? 
Would you like to see how mathematicians from different backgrounds and cultures have developed the mathematical methods and concepts that you learn today? If your answer is yes, join a team of three of your maths lecturers who are passionate about decolonising the mathematics curriculum. The role is initially available for a period of six weeks with the potential for an extension.

Duties and responsibilities
Within our team of several students and mathematics lecturers you will primarily work on a specific mathematics or statistics module of the programme. You will... 

- ... find out more about the life of mathematicians from various backgrounds who developed the knowledge taught in the module and write short biographies that can be integrated in the curriculum.
- ... look for interesting applications of mathematics to important problems such as climate change, the influence of racial bias in training data sets for machine learning applications, and the differences in access to healthcare experienced by minorities. 
- .... explore the different roles that mathematics plays in different cultures. 
We will regularly meet as a group to discuss ideas.

Skills and experience
The role is open to mathematics and mathematics with finance students from all levels. An interest in finding interesting applications of mathematics and statistics across different cultures and researching information about mathematicians from a variety of backgrounds is essential. One of your most important contributions to the project will be your perspective as a student. 


Additional information
Ringfenced to LJMU Mathematics and Mathematics with Finance students. 

Applications will close at midnight on Sunday 9th December 2023. 

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