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Up to 40 hours over the academic year 2023/24.

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Like all professions, Civil Engineering has a critical set of concepts which are essential to success.

Often referred to in the education literature as ‘Threshold Concepts’ , understanding these (and competence in their application) induces a profound change in a student’s viewpoint and facilities their integration into the Civil Engineering profession.
These arise repeatedly throughout our curriculum and many students fail to fully understand them, leading to additional stress, learning time, and poor results.
Ensuring our students understand these concepts, and appreciate their fundamental importance, will improve their confidence, and better prepare them for successful careers. Examples of threshold concepts in Civil Engineering include stress & strain, 2nd moment of area/stiffness, and shear force & bending moment diagrams. 
£14.12 per hour.
Start date 23rd of October 2023 until 28th June 2024.
Hours - up to 40 over the academic year 2023/24.

Schedule is flexible. Most work can be done remotely. However, attendance at regular project meetings at the University of Surrey is required.

Duties and responsibilities

The Civil and Environmental Engineering department are looking for two students to join a Student-Staff Partnership project to produce a SurreyLearn-based resource to help improve students’ acquisition of threshold concepts in Civil Engineering by:

  • Identifying key concepts and skills in Civil Engineering which re-occur throughout the curriculum
  • Identifying high-quality resources which effectively teach these concepts/skills.
  • Compile these resources into a SurreyLearn module

Additionally, the successful candidates will be required to complete a short self-paced SurreyLearn orientation on student-staff partnerships.

Skills and experience

Candidates will ideally have experience with the University of Surrey Undergraduate Civil & Environmental Engineering programme.

Current year 3 or 4(M) Civil & Environmental Engineering students would be well placed to contribute to this project.

Enthusiasm for civil engineering, good time-management skills, and the ability to work independently are essential.

Full training will be provided.


University of Surrey

Additional information

This is a great opportunity to help future Surrey engineers be successful in their studies and career. It will also give you the opportunity to develop your research and interpersonal skills, as well as gain an appreciation of engineering pedagogy.

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