PhD Student Social Media Content



University of Warwick


1 Day

3 hours – 1 day of work

Not Applicable






This role is to show our audience on social media what it is really like for someone undertaking a PhD. We are looking for someone who has started their PhD this year or a PhD student who has been studying for a while. 

The role will require you to provide us with 1 reel fit for Instagram and 1 photo post also fit for Instagram. These pieces of content may be adapted to fit other platforms. 

Duties and responsibilities

We would need you to create these pieces of content covering the topic of how you choose your PhD, what you are studying, your name, how you are finding the transition into working on your PhD, and anything else you may think is relevant that you want to include. 

The posts can be in the style you normally create. 

The reel should be no longer than a minute and the photo post should be up to 10 photos. If you would like to create a reel more than a minute long, we ask that these reels be split into multiple reels, all no longer than a minute. 

Once this content is shared on our channel/s, you would need to share our post onto your social channels tagging us. This can be as a story or a re-post. 

Skills and experience
You would need to be actively on, and using, social media. You will need the skills to create interesting video footage and be able to take photos and edit them using programmes such as Canva. You would need to be using Instagram and have at least 3,000 followers. If you are on other platforms with a large following, that would be a bonus. 

You would need to already be posting reels, photos, and videos, so we can see the style of work you are likely to produce. Providing links to your social accounts will help with the interview process. 


Additional information

Please note: For this assignment you can start working for us on this content at any mutually agreed time between the 28th of September and the 30th of November and the duration of the work is one day.

Applications close on 11/09/23.

Predicted interview date 18/09/23.


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