Mock Careers Appointment Staff 5th April



University of Warwick


1 Day

Wednesday 5th April. 1 Hour slots between: 08:45-13:15.







We are looking for 6 students to participate in Mock Career Coaching Appointments on Wednesday 5th April. This is a working from home/Remote role and the appointments will be completed using a zoom call. Due to Client request, we are looking for participants who are currently studying to obtain their first degree or equivalent. We are looking for candidates who have not been involved in this role previously. This would be a good opportunity to obtain some career advice for the future and earn money at the same time.

Duties and responsibilities

You will be acting as the interviewee and will be taking part in a 30 minute appointment which forms an integral part of the AGCAS training course. The participants on the course are members of staff from university careers service who are developing their careers guidance interview skills. The participants are in training and not from the University of Warwick, therefore they may not be able to answer all your questions. You do not need to be a University of Warwick Student for this position but must be able to complete an Eligibility to work check, which may be required to be undertaken in person at Warwick University.

Skills and experience

We want you to just be yourself, not to play a role but to be prepared to talk about your genuine issues and concerns about your future career, as you would if you went to see a careers advisor 'for real'. For this role, we are looking for Students only.


Additional information

All appointments will be conducted with a careers coach in training. Working times are listed below, these are a rough guide and you will be paid for a minimum of 1 hour, even if your appointment is only 30minutes.

Student 1 - 08:45–09:25

Student 2 - 09:25–10:05

Student 3 - 10:15–10:55                    

Student 4 - 10:55–11:35

Student 5 - 11:50–12:30

Student 6 - 12:30–13:10

Student 7: Reserve.

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