Student Communications Ambassador 22/23



Staffordshire University


6 Months

10 Hours per month - Flexibility required - weekend work and evenings may be required







Applications to become a Student Communications Ambassador at Staffordshire University are now open. Marketing, Communications and PR are in search of our new cohort of students to share their student journey. 

If you enjoy contributing to the world of social media or creating content that shares your experiences, this role could be for you. 

As a Student Communications Ambassador, you will work closely with the Digital Communications Manager to produce planned and proactive multimedia content. 

We’re looking for the next generation of TikTok enthusiasts to produce short-form video content that documents your student life and the local area, including on and off-campus activity to give an authentic glimpse into what it is like to be a student at Staffordshire University.

This flexible role will provide you with opportunities to be involved in content creation to suit your interests and build your skillset and we will work closely with you to shape the activities you wish to be involved with. You will be invited to be involved in projects including hosting or appearing on student-led podcast, The Student Connect Podcast; attending on and off-campus events to capture exciting coverage for social media; getting involved in presenting on camera and in front of an audience at events. You’ll be invited to a regular forum with the department where we welcome your feedback and input into shaping projects and campaigns. 

Being able to be proactive in your work is an important skill – don’t wait around for a brief, if you’re involved in something fun, you’re passionate about something or you even see a social trend that is relevant to your student experience, capture it! 

The role is flexible to fit around your studies, with a set amount of available hours per month for you to claim, and ad-hoc assignments will be offered. Occasional weekend working may be requested to attend Open Days and other on-campus events to capture content for social media. 

Community engagement may also shape your role, with platforms like The Student Room and UniBuddy, where you’ll be encouraged to chat with prospective students at the start of their journey to university. You will support the Communications team in ad-hoc administrational tasks, including social media audits and content scheduling.

Duties and responsibilities

You’ll need confidence in front of and behind the camera and ooze our core values and most importantly show us how you are #proudtobeStaffs. The types of digital content we require you to capture, and produce include, but are not limited to:

  • Proactive content that documents the social and academic sides of university life 
  • Leisure content that helps to raise the reputation of Staffordshire as a cultural destination
  • Events happening on campus and off campus – including open days and graduation ceremonies
  • Supporting our diverse and inclusive communities by sharing your own experiences and promoting allyship
  • Top tips, advice, and guidance through a variety of content - social media takeovers, podcasting, vlog content
  • Community channel thread-starters, engagement, and support
  • Presenting and hosting online and in-person events and video content
  • Short-form video content for channels such as TikTok and Instagram reels
  • Marketing and Communications administrational tasks
  • Attending necessary training sessions to expand your skills to benefit the role and content production 

Skills and experience

You’ll work to collaboratively produce a monthly content plan that is structured from your own experiences, interests, courses, and skill set, but we actively encourage our Student Communications Ambassadors to be pro-active and innovative with ideas and confidently put these forwards. Your content will be published on our website, YouTube and social media channels with exceptional content featuring in our paid advertising campaigns. 

We are looking for a variety of Student Communications Ambassadors from every School in the University with a wide range of interests, priorities, and ideas.


Staffordshire University - Stoke campus, remote or roaming on campus

Additional information

You’ll be working remotely, keeping in touch with the team via email communications and Microsoft Teams. An extra requirement for the role is to attend monthly meetings with your fellow Student Communications Ambassadors and the Marketing, Recruitment and Communications team.

You will also be reviewed quarterly – an opportunity for you to gain feedback from us to improve your work. All Student Communications Ambassadors must have access to a mobile phone with internet connection, have required social media apps downloaded, as well as the facility to record videos on their mobile phone.

To apply for this role: 

Grab your camera and hit record! You will need to create both pieces of content below:

  • Create a 60 second video to introduce yourself. This is your time to shine! Tell us about your interests, what you do and how you hope to use this opportunity to share your student journey. You’ve only got 60 seconds to convince us – so keep it creative and engaging, and feel free to show off your editing skills.
  • A TikTok video. This should be on the who, what, where, when and why of Staffordshire University. This is to showcase your journey so far at Staffordshire University, your motivations, or perhaps information that will attract prospective students, or emotive content that will connect with current students. If you haven't started yet - what you're looking forward to the most, why you chose staffs and how you're preparing to start University. We are looking for your understanding of the social media platform, content creation, in-app editing, and the appropriate nature of your content for TikTok.

Submit your application by email to with the subject header ‘Application: Student Communications Ambassador’

Should you be successful in your application, you will be invited to a workshop interview where you will be asked to take part in tasks to assess your teamwork, digital and presentation skills. If you are appointed to the role there is mandatory training that will need to be completed. 

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