Drama Students required for Mock Careers Guidance Interviews


University of Warwick
Up to 1 week
Monday 13th & Wednesday 15th June
Smart Casual




We are looking for drama students to participate in mock interviews on Wednesday 15th June. 

These mock interviews form an integral part of AGCAS training course, Guidance Skills (Advanced). The participants on the course are all experienced careers staff who are developing and enhancing their interviewing and guidance practice.

The session will be conducted remotely. You will either complete 2 interviews in the morning or afternoon.

You will also need to attend a 30 minute meeting on 13th June at 10:30 to discuss the criteria and ask any questions. All sessions will be conducted remotely, via Zoom Meeting.

You will be acting as the interviewee.

Each interview is for approximately 40 minutes and there will be a scenario for each interview that you do. You will be notified of your scenarios nearer the time to be able to prepare. These scenarios include topics such as ‘changing your degree course’ to ‘options with your degree’. 

We want you to play a part which will be sent to your prior to the start date.

We are looking for people who are studying or have previously studied Drama or a similar course.
However an interest in Drama (ie Amateur Dramatics) would also be considered.

The morning shifts will commence from 10:20am and the afternoon shifts will commence from 14:00. You will be required to complete 2 mock interviews in your shift. We will also be looking for one candidate to be on standby for the morning as well as working the afternoon. We are also looking for a candidate to be on standby for the afternoon. You will be paid for your prep time as well as attendance at the 30 minute meeting on 13 June and the interviews themselves on 15 June. 

To Apply

Please indicate which shift you would be able to do in your cover letter.

Morning Session - 10:20-12:50

Afternoon Session 14:00-16:15